lello - Custom hand-painted kids murals and kids t-shirts by lello.
lello - Custom painted kids murals and kids t-shirts by lello.

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Newest Mural…

Monday, January 17th, 2011

A couple of pictures of my newest mural painted for a very cool family in Westfield, NJ. It was great fun! More / better pictures to come.

Jungle, beach and sea mural painted by lello

Website Update: Murals

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Finally!  It’s taken some time, but we finally have a section of the site where we can showcase our mural work. Look for additional picture of our finished murals, work in progress and so on in the coming months.

As always, we’d love to get your feedback.  And, if you have any questions about our work or would like to chat about having a mural painted in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Toddler’s Mountain Scenery Mural

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Toddler's Mountain Scenery Mural by lello

I’m finally getting a chance to upload a photograph of a mural I painted back in December for a little boy named Owen, right here in snowy but beautiful Maplewood, NJ.  His parents had purchased a set of really cool removable wooden trees, cars, trains, and other elements, and they wanted a backdrop of rolling hills on which to adhere them.  I worked with colors that were bright, but not too dark, so that the attachable scenery would really stand out.  I think the room turned out great, and I love their take on making the mural interactive so that their son can change around the room as he gets older, any way he wants. Definitely let me know what you think.

The lello Mural Process

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Hi gang – hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. As a diversion from figuring out what my wife really wants for Christmas, I thought I’d kick off a series of posts explaining the process of creating a mural. It’s something customers are always curious about, and perhaps this may be of help to people who are contemplating whether or not a mural is right for them.

So in the next few weeks, as I find the time, I’ll take you through the process of weighing all of the things to consider as a client, securing the job, agreeing on a concept, creating a sketch, getting the right supplies, and transferring the vision to the wall.

Each project is unique, so the process changes slightly depending on what’s being requested, but I generally stay the course step by step, all the while noting adjustments I need to make and/or areas I need to work on and apply them to the next job. This approach ensures that I’ve covered my bases, stamped out any ambiguity on what the mural will look like in its final form, how long it’s going to take to paint and how much it’s going to cost.

At the heart of my process is keeping the client ecstatic while keeping myself sane. The key is to be as transparent as possible every step of the way, listening to their feedback, and adapting to meet their needs. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback - positive or negative – on whether or not this outline is helpful to you.

Next Post: Is a Mural Right For Me?

And the mural business is up and running!

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

It turns out that starting a business doing something you’re really passionate about while managing a career and family takes quite a bit longer than we’d expected, so we haven’t been as guerilla-like as we’d planned to be about advertising just yet. Fortunately, our first experience doing a mural for a paying customer was everything we hoped it would be, and - speaking for myself - it seems as though everyone walked away very happy with the end result. I’m still a little dumbfounded by the fact that I got to draw pictures on someone’s walls AND get paid for it… my mother is no doubt, very impressed.

The job was to paint an elephant, lion, giraffe and a zebra - all emerging from behind various windows and doors. I’ve left pieces of the moldings and windowsills visible in a few of the pictures to give some frame of reference in terms of scale.

lello kid's mural - This baby's room mural consists of an elephant, giraffe, lion and zebra peaking out behind doors and windows.

(Click the picture to view more)

Art is far from a science, but I tried to be as systematic as I could be in documenting things such as how long the process took from start-to-finish, which colors work well together, and how different types of weather/humidity affect the time it takes paint to dry. All of my copious note-taking meant that things took a bit longer than they otherwise would’ve, but until it all becomes second nature, it’ll be handy to have the info to refer back to next time.

I was also reminded several times during this process that I am my own worst critic, and it’s nice to have a wife to give you tough love and tell you when it’s time to stop obsessing over the color of the giraffe’s spots or the size of the elephant’s ears. (Asian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants, btw. It’s all about temperature regulation. Thank you, Wikipedia.)

Thanks as well to Mr. and Mrs. Halm for hiring me to adorn their children’s walls. I hope the animals will always be as special to them as they’ve been to me!

lello - Custom painted kids murals and kids t-shirts by lello.
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