lello - Custom hand-painted kids murals and kids t-shirts by lello.
lello - Custom painted kids murals and kids t-shirts by lello.

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Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29th, 2010 at 9:09 pm

Our favorite holiday is here! We spent the morning prepping homemade costumes for school parties and parades happening later on today… and having a blast doing it! Sadie will be Jessie from Toy Story and Jaxs opted to be a headless man (NOT the headless horseman mind you). I’m not sure who’s more excited to show off their costumes, them or us :^) Keep an eye out for “dressed up” photos coming soon!

Also in the spirit of Halloween I often whip up a holiday drawing, but with the injury to my drawing arm I’ve had to find another avenue to channel that creative energy. So this year, instead of creating with a pencil and brush, I used a knife and food…

Halloween Bento Box #2 by lello

Over the last few months I’ve been creating lunch time bento boxes for my son. It’s the perfect merger of creativity and the endless pursuit to get him to eat and to eat healthy. I’m still learning this new medium and loving it! ┬áMy latest creation is a peanut butter and jelly skull sandwich with m&m eyes, grapes topped with string cheese cross bones and a semi-hidden chocolate evil eye. Happy Halloween everyone!!

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lello - Custom painted kids murals and kids t-shirts by lello.
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